Wojciech Tubaja’s short films are explorations of emotions, thoughts, and relationships in contemporary human beings. His narratives focus on the fiction of performance and the reality of the emotions of the depicted characters. This dichotomy can produce a jarring effect, challenging the notion that film detaches the viewer from the reality it depicts.
Wojciech integrates various art forms, including film, theatre, video art, and performance in his work to create theatrical pieces that are based on an overarching narrative of reality. He intervenes in the real experiences of both professional and nonprofessional actors by reenacting specific situations from their lives, popular culture, or his own imagination, and records the dramatic performance on video, effectively building emotional portraits of his characters. These short films are presented in a theatrical form, giving the freedom to manipulate formal elements such as length, space, and most of all, the means of repetition to better convey the real experience of individuals. Often, Wojciech refers to history and popular culture to create an artificial environment in which his characters can act. He constantly creates parallels between his stories, declaring that “there is no uniqueness, everything in the world repeats itself: emotions, characters, words.”
In the process of interacting with his subjects, Wojciech creates works that serve as self-portraits. An autobiographical perspective of his work reveals a genuine belief in the truth of emotions. Because he does not distinguish the reality of theatre from the reality of the world, Wojciech has utilized the medium of film to distill the hints of real meaning that he so adamantly believes in.
Wojciech was born in Warlubie, Poland. He studied at the University of Arts in Poznań and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, where he received his MFA in 2012. He currently lives and works in Warsaw, Poland, and has exhibited his artworks in numerous exhibitions.


2014 - BWA Gallery in Zielona G.ra - ‘Those Who Love Me Can Take the Train and Arrive in Zielona G.ra‘

2014 - Polish Theatre in Warsaw, 'Emilia'

2013 - BWA Gallery in Tarnów, ArtFest 2013 Festival, 'Portrait'

2011 - Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw - 'Monika Szydłowska'

2011 - Fundacja Bęc Zmiana in Warsaw - 'Bęc! Kolekcja', the first presentation of the
collection of the Fundacja Nowej Kultury Bęc Zmiana

2011 - Pracownia Duży Pok.j in Warsaw - 'Warszawę oskarżam!'

2010 - Galeria Rotunda in Poznań, 'Szydłowska-Tubaja'

Other achievements:

2014 - direction of the 'Portrait' movie – www.portret-film.com

2012 - participated in workshops and honorable mention in the BMW ART TRANSFORMY