Valerie Syposz began printmaking as part of an intensive visual arts program in high school, and has been working with this medium ever since. She is inspired by the equal importance of the technical and artistic aspects of the process, as well as by the unique aesthetics of each type of printmaking. Valerie creates prints using mainly lithography and linocut, and she often embellishes her work with embroidery. Her work combines traditional drawing techniques and pop aesthetics.

Valerie’s works are inspired from observations of everyday life, representing the mundane in a new light. Recurring themes include food and the human body. Simple things are seen as absurd or ridiculous, and thus create a satirical view of contemporary society. Her works question our individual and cultural identities.

Valerie Syposz was born in Ottawa, Canada, and received a BFA in painting and drawing from Concordia University in 2008. She moved to Japan in 2010 after being selected as a Monbukagakusho scholar recipient. She received a MFA in printmaking from Tokyo University of the Arts in 2013. Valerie continues to live and work in Japan. She is an award-winning artist, and has taken part in numerous international exhibitions.


2014  Undigested, Mizenka Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2012  Stuffed, PLATFORM, gaffa, Sydney, Australia
2012  Prints, Kagurazaka Gokanshi Pollyanna, Tokyo, Japan
2011  Mother and Ceilidh, Estevan Art Gallery and Museum, Estevan, Canada
2009  Whine and Cheese, Trinity Art Gallery, Ottawa, Canada
2006  Awake and Dreaming, Gloucester Gallery, Ottawa, Canada


2013  4th Guanlan International Print Biennial, Guanlan, China
2013  Tokyo University of the Arts Graduation Works Exhibition, Tokyo University of the Arts Museum,
           Tokyo, Japan
2012  Koko Kara Hajimaru Geijutsu 2012, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo, Japan
2012  80th Exhibition of Japan Print Association, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan
2012  BIMPE VII, New Leaf Editions, Vancouver, Canada
2011  36th All-Japan University Print Exhibition, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, Machida, Japan
2011  79th Exhibition of Japan Print Association, Kyoto Municipal Museum of Art, Kyoto, Japan
2011  The Yamamoto Kanae Print Grand Prix Competition, Ueda Souzoukan, Japan
2010  BIMPE VI, New Leaf Editions, Vancouver, Canada
2010  9th Lessedra World Art Print Annual 2010, Lessedra Art Gallery, Bulgaria


2013  Encouragement Award, Tokyo Medical and Dental University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
2011  Purchase Prize, 36th All-Japan University Print Exhibition
2011  Tawara Prize, Tokyo University of the Arts
2011  Encouragement Prize, 52nd Annual Japan Print Society Exhibition
2010  MEXT Japanese Government "Research Student" Scholarship, 2 year scholarship as International
           Research Student of the Graduate School, studying printmaking at Tokyo University of the Arts
2010  Purchase Prize, Third Bi-Annual International Miniature Print Exhibition, Ottawa School of Art
2010  Honourable Mention, BIMPE VI