Rupert Piggott is a Barbadian artist whose paintings depict his personal reflection of the island of Barbados. From tranquility to impassioned anguish, his works convey a rich and extensive range of emotion. Each of his various painting styles is a result of a long period of introspection, and they are all unified under his ability to channel his unique environment and experience into artistic expression.

Although each of his interactions with the canvas is a personal process of self-discovery, Rupert believes that the internal experience is also heavily impacted and shaped by external influences. Thus in his paintings, he often incorporates symbolism and imagery that is specific to the small island environment of Barbados. This open-minded approach to his work has led to an ability to switch styles, as well as opportunities to expand his area of knowledge and technique when making commissioned work.

The style and subject matter of an artwork depends wholly on Rupert’s area of concentration at a particular time. In works from the series “Barbadiana”, for instance, Rupert utilizes imagery derived directly from societal and cultural aspects of Barbados, specifically that of the now-declining laboring class. This body of work reflects a desire to preserve and document a part of Barbadian culture. Similarly in other works, in order to investigate the underlying paradigms behind popular imagery, Rupert’s paintings may include Christian symbolism that refers to the dominant religion of Barbados rather than to any religious affiliation in respect to the artist. However, in works such as those from the series “Absence / Presence”, Rupert renounces the use of any recognizable themes, and relies on abstraction and the purity of the medium to convey thought and emotion. The diversity and depth of his many themes speak to an extremely thoughtful, versatile, and reactionary artistic method.

Rupert Piggott was born in Barbados, and he received an associate degree in graphic arts from the Barbados Community College. He is currently based in Barbados, where he has exhibited works in numerous prominent galleries. He has also had extensive experience making murals and commissioned works. 
2014 "ABSENCE – PRESENCE” Gallery Nuedge Fine Arts LTD, Barbados

2012 “REVIVAL” an exhibition hosted by SCOTIA PRIVATE CLIENT GROUP

2011 THE BIBA CHARITY Fundraiser

2011 6 DEGREES INTERNATIONAL CREATIVE EXCHANGE (group exhibition), Queens Park Gallery

2011 “FABBAGIRLS” (auction)
          The No1 Abba Tribute Band fundraiser for the Schoolhouse for special needs.

2010 “BENCHMARKS” Aweipo Gallery

2006 “ACQUISITIONS” an exhibition of work acquired by the National Art Gallery Committee
          “3 GENERATIONS” The Diaspora Vibe Gallery, Miami, U.S.A.
          “ART ON THE BLOCK” Auctions for the Optimist Club