Harrison Martin is a photographer who attempts to capture his own emotions in response to objects, places, and things. He believes that photography is the act of distilling reality into a personal vision.

Harrison’s aim is to enable the viewer to understand what he felt when the photograph was taken. He shares his own vision through his photographs, which can be better understood by examining his subjects. Random objects are given significance through the act of photographing them, revealing a consistent theme of irony and a hint of dark humor.

Harrison’s work focuses mainly on his journeys through cities and the people he encounters there. His earlier projects recorded the lives of the homeless in Tokyo, and over the past three years he has focused on photographing unique buildings and structures in Tokyo, particularly those facing demolition.

Harrison began taking photographs as a university student in the early 1990s, and his passion for images has continued since. He is originally from California but spent many years living in the Eastern United States. He now resides in Tokyo.