Looking for the Avant-garde
by Wojciech Tubaja

Looking for the Avant-garde by Wojciech Tubaja


This video guides us through the studio of the Polish avant-garde artist Edward Krasinski. The studio, which has been untouched since the artist’s death in 2004 and turned into a public installation, is filled with Krasinski’s signature blue tape as well as with random belongings and memorabilia. These objects, both artworks and ordinary possessions such as books and cigarettes, all contribute to a portrait of the artist. However, as they are in darkness and only illuminated by a flashlight, the objects are isolated from their context, as if the guide is attempting to distill the essence of either Krasinski himself or of the idea of the “avant-garde”. As both of these things are abstract concepts, the act of searching for them questions the very definition of a portrait and of the avant-garde. Perhaps physically searching for things that are shapeless is not as futile as it seems, as the objects do possess potency and personality, and as the act of searching for an idea may in itself be “avant-garde”.