by Wojciech Tubaja

Roksana by Wojciech Tubaja


Roksana is a portrait of a woman who is losing hope. To cope in a world with no social or moral values, she turns to superficiality and transforms herself into a woman from a noir movie. By assuming a role, Roksana provokes the experiences associated with her character; yet she is engaged in the thoughtless and automatic activity of eating chips, revealing her apathy.

We see Roksana most of the time from a limited camera angle. Thus even a slight close-up shows the intensity of her role, and when she drops her bag of chips it disrupts the flow of the narrative and Roksana’s composure. Subtle changes in her facial expression and movement suggest Roksana’s realization of the futility of redefining herself or her pessimistic worldview.

Photos by Sandra Gałka