About Mizenka

Mizenka is a contemporary art gallery located in Tokyo.  We specialize in presenting the finest and most innovative contemporary art from a diverse range of Japanese and non-Japanese artists. Mizenka represents established and emerging artists who express themselves in a variety of mediums including painting, video, lithograph, sculptures, mixed media and photography. 

Mizenka was created to offer a warm and friendly forum where established collectors and first time art viewers can discover new art, explore fresh ideas, and interact with talented artists. Mizenka strives to inspire visitors with exciting exhibitions that will foster a deep and long lasting interest in contemporary art. To accomplish this, we offer access to unique artworks from some of Japan’s most talented artists.

Mizenka carefully selects and limits the number of artists we represent and works tirelessly to promote their creations to a global audience.  At Mizenka, we combine first class customer service, cutting edge technology, and multilingual services to showcase and promote the works of the artists we represent.

Whether you are an experienced collector or just beginning your exploration of contemporary art, Mizenka supports your interest. Please contact us.