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Interview with Photographer Craig Dandridge



Images above from up to down: “Bigger Cities and Faster Walking Speeds”, “A Glancing Blow – Bedazzled by Advertizing”, “Being a Big Sister in the Big City”, “Unattainable – Aim Higher, Young Ladies” and “Chasing Rainbows in the Dark” by Craig Dandridge

* クレイグ・ダンドリッジの「Bigger Cities and Faster Walking Speeds」「A Glancing Blow – Bedazzled by Advertizing」、「Being a Big Sister in the Big City」、「Unattainable – Aim Higher, Young Ladies」と「Chasing Rainbows in the Dark」(上記の各画像、上から下まで)


We have interviewed photographer Craig Dandridge who spoke with us about his recent artworks. His works can be seen at: https://mizenka.com/en/artist/Craig-Dandridge

Q1:  We understand your recent works have been awarded by National Geographic.  Congratulations!  Can you please explain what the focus has been in your recent works?

A1: This past year I have been focused on finding places with great quality and direction of light—especially at night and in other low-ambient light conditions—and crafting excellent story-telling images through composition as well as content.

Developing my ability to anticipate action in the moment of observation requires daily practice. The photo editors at National Geographic have acknowledged my growth as a visual storyteller, publishing three of my images this year alone.

Q2:  What would you like to achieve in 2019 in terms of developing your photography?

A2: I’m shooting and working on other skills every day to become a better photographer and a more thoughtful storyteller. Living in the heart of Tokyo, I am fortunate to have a wealth of everyday situations in my community—even my own neighborhood—to feed my imagination, as well as some really great light.

I hope to find a way to combine two major themes in my work to date: the manmade world as seen through reflections and stories that inform on and reflect our modern lives. I hope to refine my ability to use subtle as well as stark differences in tone to communicate emotions, by simultaneously conveying overt meaning and deeper understanding in a single image.

Q3:  Do you have a message to our readers?

A3: Thank you all for your love of high-quality art and your patronage of Mizenka Gallery. Please look forward to more works that speak to and inform the modern world and our place therein.



































写真家のクレイグ・ダンドリッジ さんにインタビューをし、最近の作品について語っていただきました。クレイグさんの作品は以下のリンクでご高覧いただけます。https://mizenka.com/ja/artist/Craig-Dandridge

Q1: クレイグさんは、最近の作品で、ナショナルジオグラフィックから受賞されたらしいですね。おめでとうございます!最近の作品で重視しているのはどのような点ですか。

A1: この1年、 特に夜や周囲が暗い環境など、優れたクオリティと光の方向を有する場所を探し、画像の構成や内容を通して物語りが作れる素晴らしいイメージを作ることに重点を置いてきました。


Q2: 2019年、ご自分の写真を更に発展させるために、どのようなことを達成したいですか。

A2: 更に良い写真家になることを目指して日々撮影し、他のスキルを磨いています。東京の中心に住んでいるおかげで、想像力を養い、素晴らしい光を取り入れることができ、地域の中で日々起きるあらゆるシチュエーションに囲まれている私は、恵まれています。


Q3:  読者の方々にメッセージはありますか。

A3: クオリティの高いアートへのご愛好、そしてMizenka Galleryをご愛顧いただいて、ありがとうございます。私たちを取り巻く現代の世の中とその環境を伝えてくれる沢山の作品をお楽しみください。


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